Rodney burst through the ancient Dragon and impaled Mr. Bastard on his sword!

He follows through by pinning him to the side of a mountain top and tells Mr. Bastard to remember Jinx! Remember who he is!

Mr. Bastard is enraged and demands Rodney kill him!

Rodney drives the sword further in and once again commands Mr. Bastard to remember–

Jinx is his soul mate! She’s the reason he braved hell to make that sword!!

Furious, Mr. Bastard tells Rodney that Jinx is gone.

Wertham made Mr. Bastard forget Jinx. Jinx was Mr. Bastard’s reason for trying to be a better man.. or actually to be a man at all!

With no reason to remain a human Mr. Bastard reverted to Dragon form and he and Jinx’s souls became unbound!

Worse–he can’t feel Jinx at all.

If she isn’t there amongst the living and (as Boomer stated) she isn’t in the after life then she’s been wiped from existence!

Before that news can even sink in Magicadabra notices something shocking–

Rodney’s tail has ignited in sparks!


There was quite a bit of unwanted down time in January.. so I will be skipping the between issue breaks I normally like to take. Expect the new cover and pages for the new issue this weekend! CHEERS!