Rodney’s tale has ignited and well–it’s official–he doesn’t have time for Mr. Bastard’s bullshit!

Rodney stomps Mr. Bastard’s neck decapitating him!

Head in hand he yells at Mr Bastard for assuming Rodney WASN’T going to try and save Jinx.

Dornail follows up that nothing’s particularly changed.

Mr. Bastard is well.. a bastard. So they couldn’t trust him any less. Plus Dornail always kinda wondered if he was part Dragon given his lust.

Magicadabra adds that she doesn’t really believe (as the story goes) that Jinx’s FATHER was capable of branding an ancient dragon.

Even SHE couldn’t do that and she’s the most powerful magic using human to ever exist.

What seems more likely to her is that he branded HIMSELF as a sign of his commitment to Jinx.

She notes that brand STILL remains…

Speedy Godiva drives it home–He’s not that monster anymore.

At the monster’s core (quite literally) was the same man who swore he’d love Jinx forever.

THAT is the true Mr. Bastard.