Is that Dragon REALLY Mr. Bastard as Dornail supposes?

Speedy observes that it does in fact have his curse mark–the bastard brand.

She recalls it’s origin. Jinx’s father cursed Mr. Bastard to wear that mark for all time until the day he proved he was a good man.

Then it would vanish and he could perish.

Paige remarks accurately that there is of course no way to verify that.

Her suspicion draws Magicadabra’s ire.

Paige continues her line of thought that the monster matches the description of a beast she found in an ancient text—

The Dragon of Eternal life.

Magicadabra just can’t take it though!

She speaks out against this line of thought. Ancient Dragon’s are on another level of magical power.

For her it is blinding.

So even if Jinx’s dad could subdue one (which she doubts) how could it remain concealed from her?

Dornail retorts–before today no one knew Magicadabra was hiding as Hero Sandwich. Or that Rodney had the Golden Banana. Or that Paige could somehow save the Shelf.

Except for one person—


This sequence of events is his ultimate show of power. He knows the Bests better than they know each other. He never lost control of this whole situation.

So for that reason alone Dornail believes that dragon truly is Mr. Bastard.