DOJO FANS-THE FUCKIN NO WATER SAGA HAS ENDED!!!- PHEW. So first off thank fuck I can shit without pouring a gallon of water inta the tank. It’s nerve wracking knowing you have x amounts of shits you can take before ya gotta start sweating it. When it was all said and done the excruciating revelation is that I BELIEVE the water company fucked up and shut off MY water thinking they were shutting off my neighbor’s water (who moved). 4 days of blasting the pipes with a 250 degree heat gun and cranking the heat to 74 degrees didn’t thaw anything out.. but one phone call and PRESTO–WATER ON! Too suspicious…
ANYWAY! I was fucking NOT banking on losing 4 evenings of productivity and it’s a major fucking bummer, but ya just can’t predict all life’s curve balls. I’m going to spend THIS evening working on all the little shit I need to get together then TOMORROW NIGHT I resume work on DOJO PAGES! Look forward to it! I know I’ve been fuckin’ dyin’ ta get back to it!
-Raven (^_^)~*