It’s a light speed death duel! Ra-Bot has done his best to cheat and give himself the advantage with Rodney blind and turned the wrong way.

Additionally Ra-Bot knows he could very well loose the sun and he’s not willing to live without it! So if Rodney doesn’t kill him in one shot Ra-Bot will take out the sun anyway!

Ra-Bot tells Rodney they’ll draw on 3.

Still attempting to maintain the disorientation his Cob-Ra begins the count at One….

Back on Earth everyone is screaming for Rodney to turn around!

While they’re all distracted Wertham winks to Ass Ass Assassin who is also partaking in this countdown.

He puts Magicadabra in his sights…

Rodney whirls around to face Ra-Bot and triumphantly exclaims “TWO!”

Earth goes wild!

But Rodney’s back is now to Earth giving Ass Ass Assassin a better shot at Magicadabra…

The tension mounts as both Rodney and Ra-Bot stare each other down…