Paige Turner just collapsed!!

Rodney has to get back to Earth in a hurry so he decides to fly back in Pharobot’s head!

He’ll have to hack Pharobot’s brain first.

Ultrat is shocked that the Golden Banana made Rodney smart enough to hack a computer!

Dornail points out that that’s a great deal LESS impressive than eating a black hole….

However Rodney’s hacking style is somewhat unorthodox leaving everyone but Magicadabra dumbfounded.

The hacking works though! Rodney zips back to Earth in a FLASH and is spat out back onto Earth’s surface.

He makes his way quickly to Speedy Godiva’s secret lab and orders Paige not to die!

Speedy informs him Paige was starting to regain consciousness.

Wertham sinisterly remarks that now Rodney will see.. there is no winning this situation…