Rodney marvels at Kungfumerang’s methods as his belt burns the vampire’s on the opposite side of earth up.

Boomerang Soul was created to bring you back from death if you pushed yourself too far with the murderang!

Boomer elaborates That it wasn’t exactly something he could practice though (coming back from the dead).

Plus the fact that he’s not a boomerang means it really shouldn’t have worked at all… but ANYTHING’S POSSIBLE!!!

So he tried it.. and it worked!!

Well the REAL reason Boomer came back though was to help Rodney with some info!

It seems he looked all over the after life–And there was no trace of Jinx, Mr. Bastard, OR the Shelf!

For Rodney this is big info (and a huge time saver!).

Boomer has to return to the after life.

He wishes Rodney a teary farewell.

Unfortunately Rodney was distracted and Pharobot–er Ra-Bot recapture the sun again!!!