Rodney easily averted Ra-Bot’s (Formerly Pharobot) initial attack using a mere pocket calculator!

Ra-Bot’s wrath is stirred by this dismissive attitude and he unleashes a divine decree—RODNEY MUST DIE!

From his mouth a swarm of Light Speed Locusts fly forth!

Rodney is NOT impressed.

As Rodney punches the swarm of Locusts out he cracks a joke on Ra-Bot’s new name, but he missed the swarm’s true intent–

They form into twin pyramids and trap Rodney in place while Ra-Bot’s eyes power up!

The pyramids come crashing down on Rodney sandwiching him between as Ra-Bot’s eye blast nails him at the same time.

The Locusts form a shape of a hand and bring Rodney to Ra-Bot who gloats about his godly powers!