Rodney unleashed the forbidden knowledge–or should I say forbidden fruit! The last of the Goldenanas has given him some sort of second wind–
and a strange new look!

Rodney digs about behind his belt before finding a Magic Echo Mic.

He uses it to address everyone on Earth!!

He tells them that even though things seem bad and Wertham is back to not give up!

All around the planet people hear his message and begin to chant Rodney’s name!

Speedy Godiva delivers a shocker to Wertham—She remembers him now!

Wertham is completely shocked! There’s no way ANYONE should remember him unless he allows it!

The chants of Earth’s people are so loud they can be heard from space! Giving Gorgo pause for thought.. is this planet sentient?

Having let everyone know help is on the way Rodney sets off to deal with Gorgo–and drops the mic.