Magicadabra answers the question only she can answer—What flavor is the best hero sandwich’s meat?!

Shockingly she answers that it is the flavor of Rodney’s private parts.

Speedy Godiva disputes that answer!

The issue is, the real answer—WAS WAY FILTHIER!

A furious Magicadabra vows to never forgive Speedy Godiva!

Mortified further, Magicadabra goes into her exact words that fateful day.

It’s quite explicit.

However this is STILL not right!

Magicadabra completes her secret answer by adding that on top of all that graphic penis meat fantasy—Dornail has to watch but can’t join in!

Dornail is quite agitated by this (Rodney delights in ‘winning’).

Speedy Godvia finishes her assessment. It’s so wrong—

That it’s right.