Dornail kicks Rodney and Magicadabra apart. Fighting Ultrat won’t stop Gorgo!!

For Dornail’s plan to work , making sure Magicadabra was on the Best’s side was actually the most important thing.

He’s not concerned about the traitor thing…

Actually, the moment he saw Rodney’s face he knew Ultrat was a liar!

Dornail (who has fought Rodney many many times) reckons for Ultrat to have done that damage he must be at least 10 times stronger.

Meaning he ALONE had the strength to uproot the Rad Pad.

Meaning he MUST have known Wertham even though he told Dornail on the phone he didn’t remember him.

The implication–Ultrat’s been lying for some time!

Ultrat caves quickly but maintains he had no clue about Gorgo!

Dornail tells him he hopes they aren’t friends….

Because he orders Ultrat to Kill Gorgo!

Dornail orders Magicadabra to increase Ultrat’s power 1000 times!

Basically no one can believe this is Dornail’s plan…