Speedy finally confirms if officially–This HAS to be the REAL Magicadabra!

Speedy drew out the full answer to punish Magicadabra for saddling her with that mental image.

Magicadabra is a bit humiliated.

Dornail can’t buy it though!

How’d she evade his keen sense of detection all that time?

Magicadabra tells him she simply made up sex stories every time he was on to her.

Dornail accepts this.

Rodney is surprised at the lengths Magicadabra went to for the Bests…but…

She clarifies she did it for him! For love!

Magicadabra goes in for a kiss, but Rodney goes back to the matter at hand–

If Dornail made Ultrat a Best then he MUST be the traitor!!

Magicadabra uses her shape shifting to substitute for Rodney’s missing limbs in a tag move called:


Looks like Rodney’s ready to fight Ultrat again!?