DORNAIL HAS REVEALED HIS PLAN! He wants Magicadabra to make Ultrat 1000 times stronger so he can kill Gorgo!

Rodney can’t believe it! This CAN’T be Dornail’s plan! If they do that–Wertham Wins!

Dornail is firm. It’s the only plan he’s got.

He elaborates that the powered up Ultrat will take out Gorgo then Pharobot.

He knows it’ll work because it’s obvious that Wertham wants this. He’s clearly led them to this moment.

After the heavy hitters are disposed of, Magicadabra will depower Ultrat.

Wertham probably doesn’t want THAT.

Dornail states it’ll be up to Rodney, him and the rest to keep Magicadabra alive at all costs!

So long as they can get Gorgo and Pharobot dealt with he reasons they can take care of the rest!

Rodney still can’t accept it though.

In light of today’s heavy losses he reasons that Wertham WILL find a way to kill Magicadabra (leaving Ultrat permanently powered up).

He warns Magicadabra that if she does Dornail’s plan she’s a dead woman….

Dornail protests–Wertham WILL fail.

Unlike the other Bests, Rodney and Dornail are both there and Wertham hasn’t beaten them yet.

Also he doesn’t believe Wertahm was counting on Ultrat being a Best.

And he believe’s Ultrat’s actually a Best (even if he was lying before), because even Ultrat can agree that Gorgo is just too much.

With the little time and options they have that’s the best Dornail can do.

Although he’s open to any other ideas….