Wertham was bragging that he had won and Rodney had lost.

Well talk shit get hit.

Rodney pastes Wertham in the kisser hard enough to send him flying.

A horrified Ultrat speeds to catch his father.

Ultrat is distraught at how smashed up Wertham’s face is and quickly uses his ultrabilities to heal Wertham.

Rodney calls Ultrat out–His loyalties will always be to Wertham.

Rodney continues to call out Wertham for the entire event they’ve had to endure…

Was the point of it to try and prove Ultrat’s the answer to a problem Wertham created?!

Wertham retorts that Rodney is being incredibly naive.

Wertham is saving the world because Rodney CAN’T.

Ultrat and Wertham? They’re the real heroes.