Rodney can’t accept Dornail’s plan! He desperately begs the other Bests to offer up an alternative!

Speedy tells him again, even if they had a weapon to handle a creature of Gorgo’s scale –using it in such close proximity would likely destroy Earth at the same time!

Paige has read every book in The Shelf’s secret library! Short of Ancient Gods there’s nothing on Gorgo’s level.

It seems like Dornail’s plan is their best recourse.

Rodney begs Magicadabra to use her magic in ANOTHER way! Maybe she could put a death curse on Gorgo!

Or shrink Gorgo down so Rodney could fight him!

But Magicadabra already confirmed what her dreams had lead her to believe BEFORE she came to Destiny Island—

Gorgo is immune to magic!!

Rodney then asks Magicadabra to use her Magic on HIM and Dornial instead of Ultrat!

She heart brokenly informs him that her magic doesn’t work on them either!

Walter Wertham (standing idly by all this time) breaks his silence with a gloating laugh.

Surely even Rodney can’t deny it—

The Bests have lost.. Wertham has won.