With Gorgo the cannibal planet descending to feed on Earth there’s only moments to spare!

Wertham taunts Rodney–All things end.

He may have thought he’d win forever.. but the Bests are in ruins and Rodney’s literally on his last leg.

The dream is dead.

Magicadabra states the obvious–It’s actually starting to get hotter across the entire planet.

Rodney is crushed.

This is surely the end. Because whatever Wertham has planned next–It’s going to be worse!

Dornail tells Rodney that the greatest hero he ever met said “Sometimes victory means savin’ every ass, but yer own…”

Rodney laughs (because that was him that said that!) and accepts the hard truth:

He welcomes Ultrat to the team and orders Magicadabra to increase his power.