Magicadabra revealed that she knew Ultrat was lying because he said Hero Sandwich is dead.. But Hero Sandwich is HER IN DISGUISE!

Magicadabra morphs into hero sandwich and even her voice matches!

She would have told the boys her secret but she knew if Wertham found out he’s use that secret to turn the world government against the Bests!

Ultrat maintains she is lying!

He claims to have gone to the coordinates Dornail sent him to only to find a dead villian with a gut full of sandwich…

Dornail is bummed out. He WANTS to believe Sammichcadabra, but he doesn’t know how he can trust her..

Rodney on the other hand realizes something strange.. Ultrat took an order from Dornail to go where Hero Sandwich was?!

Ultrat gloats that he is an official Best now. Dornail made it so.

Rodney flat out rejects that and turns to Dornail to challenge him. (also informing Dornail Ultrat is Wertham’s son).

Dornail doesn’t deny it and asserts–Ultrat was needed!

Dornail takes a moment to laugh at Wertham’s expense (Rodney enjoys this moment as well).

Then Dornail quickly lays out the grim reality. This situation is dire…

Ultrat is their only option to handle Gorgo!

Rodney is shocked speechless. Magicadabra however is not…

She tells Rodney that Dornail must be the traitor…

Wertham chimes in that this is an interesting suggestion.. especially when one considers Rodney and Dornail used to be worst enemies…