Ultrat takes the physically battered Rodney back to the peak of Destiny Island.

Paige Turner and Speedy Godiva continue to batter a giant mechanical ape in the Tomorrowopolis section of Destiny Island…

Speedy is still monitoring Wertham’s mystery countdown and well… it just expired!

Problem is she’s still got no clue what it’s really for.

Dornail is scaling the volcano mountain peak to the top of Destiny Island and tells Speedy it doesn’t really matter.

Wertham may just be playing mind games, but he’ll soon be to the peak.

Meanwhile Ultrat brings Rodney to Wertham and Rodney’s just as aggressive as before despite the beating he took.

Ultrat (still reeling from the dick kick of truth) takes a knee and apologizes to Wertham, but Wertham tells him there’s nothing to apologize for.

Ultrat was always meant to merely batter Rodney’s body.

Wertham will break Rodney’s spirit.

Rodney seems unconvinced.

Wertham then reveals what the timer was for:

It’s for the world to meet the final Worst!