Having used Paige’s mech to dispatch with the giant Mechanical Ape (and no longer having to defend the ascent of Dornail to the top of Destiny Island), Speedy Godiva launches a projectile towards the peak.

It’s TV GODIVA! A remote tv bot Speedy created to help her communicate (it’s not exactly combat ready).

It seems Speedy was monitoring their conversation remotely and she has a concern she’d like addressed:


Her and Paige have been tapped into world news and it is Planetary Hysteria!

It seems the world is now fully aware the Bests are in ruin (as opposed to before when they seemed to be in the dark of the Worsts attack).

Gorgo’s mere presence is creating a frenzy of natural disasters-Tsunamis! Hurricanes! Earth Quakes!

Villains all over the planet are running wild including a Vampire army uninhibited by day light thanks to Pharobot’s U.V.!

Gorgo appears to be shifting it’s south east hemisphere much in the same fashion a snake dislocates it’s jaw to eat large pray.

Speedy reasons that once it’s finished it will begin to eat Earth.

Speedy has no technology for this situation. Magicadabra had prophetic dreams that her magic would be ineffective on Gorgo.

In short–They’re fucked.

So again, Speedy ponders, what is the point of playing WHO DONE IT at this time?!

Dornail replies—Depending on who he can trust, he just might have a plan…