Dornail yanks Rodney away from Magicadabra’s magical boob!

It seems he’s no longer distracted by Rodney’s shocking face, Gorgo, or magic boobs…

He lays out a suspicion of his that had been growing–Magicadabra is a Worst!

She’s the only one with the magic needed to take out Jinx and Hero Sandwich!

Magicadabra protests! She pleads with Rodney to believe her!

Upon seeing Gorgo her memories flooded back. She confesses she helped teleport the Gallery away. She also powered up Ultrat.

But she did NOT kill Jinx! She couldn’t if she wanted to!

That would require magic on the level of an ancient dragon!

Her cooperation with Wertham was because she had been plagued with prophetic dreams of Gorgo, a threat from beyond the stars.

In her dreams The earth, the bests, and even Rodney were wiped out.

Wertham promised her if she helped he wouldn’t need Gorgo. So she helped him out thinking Rodney would just win in the end anyway.

It occurs to Dornail if she admits to teleporting the gallery away they might have a huge asset!

The Gallery has more than enough dooms day devices to obliterate a planet (Gorgo).

However when Dornail asks Magicadabra where the Gallery is currently she is shocked to realize—

She doesn’t remember THAT.

For Dornail this is far too convenient… He turns to Ultrat and asks what happened with the mission to aide Hero Sandwich?

At this moment they need every last Best they can get.

Ultrat begins reluctantly to answer…