Ultrat unleashed an attack so powerful even Rodney was completely devastated.

With Rodney lying on the ground and no indication of a heart beat Ultrat wondered what he had become?

Rodney shakily makes his way back up to answer–

Ultrat has become a loser. Rodney has won!

Wertham’s voice chimes in over Ultrat’s UU emblem on his cape– “The ten minutes is over. Is Rodney Broken?”

Ultrat hesitantly responds that Rodney is, and Wertham tells him to return for the grand finale.

But Rodney triumphantly disagrees.

Even with 10 minutes and 10 times the power, Ultrat couldn’t break Rodney. In fact Rodney broke HIM!

Ultrat fires back that he wasn’t broken–he was tricked! Tricked by Rodney “holding” his heart beat.

Rodney responds that might be so, but for just a moment that lie was Ultrat’s reality.

He had become a hero killer.

The pressure was on as time was running out and Ultrat failed and took a life.

Rodney continues, now Ultrat finally sees what Rodney has known all along–

Ultrat is no hero.

Rodney dubs this final attack “The dick kick of truth”

And he’s certain the Ultrecuperation technique won’t heal the psychological damage he’s done.