Dornail smashes through the wall of the peak of Destiny Island where Wertham, Rodney, and Ultrat are located!

He calls out Wertham for having gone too far, but is quickly shocked by something even more horrifying than 2 Gorgos!

Rodney’s face is quite surprising to Dornail (who at first mistook him for a monster).

Rodney seems fine all things considered. The thought of Gorgo struggling to purchase a hat has him too amused at the moment.

Magicadabra smashes through ANOTHER side of the wall calling out Wertham for going back on his word regarding Gorgo!

But she TOO is quickly caught off guard by how smashed in Rodney’s face is.

She offers to nurse him back to health though Rodney doubts her methods… Dornail encourages him to go for it!