Rodney and Ultrat are having a brutal brawl in the final five minutes till.. who knows what happens.

Ultrat begs Rodney to get serious and begs Rodney not to force him to kill him, but Rodney will not give up (or get serious).

Rodney announces he thinks he has a way to punch a chunk out of Ultrat that Ultrat won’t be able to easily regrow with his ultrabilities.

Ultrat can’t risk that so he launches a high speed assault using his ultracceleration, whizzing around Rodney so fast Rodney can’t keep up.

Ultrat preps his fists with Ultratomic energy and begins a high speed assault of Ultratomic punches.

The end result is devastating, leaving Rodney decimated and minus 2 limbs.

Rodney collapses to the ground and Ultrat’s ultra hearing detects something—

Rodney’s heart is no longer beating.

Ultrat drops to his knees horrified at the realization.

Tears in his eyes and body shaking he accepts the situation—

He’s taken a life. And the life of ¬†another hero no less.