Lordess Gorge and Mawful were closing in on Dornail to attack—-


Out of nowhere with blinding speed the vampire goddess and her familiar are smash to a pulp by an unknown object!

It turns out it is the fist of Speedy Godiva’s latest creation!

It’s the end of the world debut of SG1 and PT0!! Giant battle mechs created for Speedy and Paige!

Dornail is super excited at the prospects these giant suits open up but is MORE concerned about his friend’s well being.

Both ladies are injured already AND Destiny Island is insanely dangerous!!

Dornail orders them to go home!

Paige angrily retorts–Like hell! We’re BESTS!

Speedy assures Dornail he can relax. The mechs are remotely being piloted.

Speedy and Paige are safe and sound back at Godiva Labs.

UP NEXT: DORNAIL VS… ???????????