Dornail asks Speedy to send Mr. Bastard’s sword back to the Rad Pad.

Rodney and Dornail swore an oath to Mr. Bastard that they’d always keep his blade safe (so long as it wasn’t for true love…).

Dornail then asks Speedy and Paige to help keep the peak safe from any other Worsts that might interfere.

He’s going to smash Wertham and end all this!!

Paige tells Dornail to do it for the Shelf and ALL the Bests!

Speedy flicks Dornail towards the peak, but with a tremendous burst of speed the mechanical ape off to the side of the volcano peak swats Dornail down!

Dornail lands far further down the mountain than he had hoped.

The Mechanical ape descends and makes it’s way to Tomorrowopolis to confront Paige and Speedy’s mechs…

Less than 5 minutes remain….


Well! About that between issues break! I was looking to skip it.. but I kinda need to take a little bit of a stretch so I can work on the commissions I promised people. Hmmmmm. Well I promise it won’t be a full size break like normal. I’ll do an abbreviated break.  I’d like to do at least 1 commission per week. In either case I’ll always keep you informed! See ya very soon!!