Rodney is wrapping up things before he heads to Destiny Island.

He has Magicadabra teleport Boomer’s body back to his family then asks her for any info she has on Wertham.

Magicadabra can’t remember anything though!

Wertham’s secret weapon makes people forget.

Rodney is somewhat annoyed and asks Magicadabra why she’d get mixed up with Wertham to begin with.

She simply didn’t remember how bad he really was. She thought she could be a double agent, but it seems Wertham was in control of the situation anyway. She began to notice missing time…

Magicadabra acknowledges that she was probably the one who teleported the Gallery’s exhibits to wherever they are now.

It’s also possible Wertham has managed to get her to do other things as well, but she can’t remember anything.

Rodney seems somewhat suspicious of this answer and has one final question for her:

Does she know anything about Sandwich that tastes the best in the world but kills you if you eat it?

Magicadabra (displaying zero chill) nervously fires back–Why would she know anything about him?!