Rodney is completely blown away by the revelation that Ultrat is Wertham’s SON!

For some reason he assumed Ultrat was an alien from a doomed planet.

As a regular Humanimal from Earth that would mean that Wertham would have slept with a Rat woman.

Rodney can’t wait to tell Dornail.

But Wertham has already endured more buffoonery than he can take and orders Ultrat to attack.

Ultrat obliges and drills Rodney into the ground.

The Uuber Maus rockets into the sky with Rodney behind him commanding Pharobot to ‘fire’.

Pharobot unleashes a focused laser attack that blasts Rodney full force (Rodney helpless to resist as Ultrat has him high above the Earth in space!).

Ultrat drops the blasted Rodney to the ground back in Wertham’s lair on Destiny island–smoke still pouring off his body.

Wertham explains that Ultrat isn’t a normal humanimal. He was created in a lab.

Designed by Wertham himself to be the greatest Hero that ever lived! The perfect ultranomaly.

Till Rodney ruined everything.