Rodney asks Wertham–If Ultrat is his son, then what’s the back up plan for that?

Ultrat is taken aback by this notion.

Rodney tells him not to be naive. Even IF Ultrat was made to forget everything Wertham did he has to realize by now Wertham always has another plan.

Rodney goes on to tell Ultrat that Wertham is the worst kind of monster because he is a hero. Only it’s not about right and wrong. It’s about control.

Giving Pandora’s box to Wertham was the worst thing Ultrat could have done and not only are the Bests mostly dead because of it, but the world’s in terrible danger—And Rodney KNOWS Ultrat knows that too!

Rodney closes by acknowledging that Ultrat was considered to be a Best… but Rodney’s instincts have been seemingly proven right.


Wertham orders Ultrat to ‘break’ Rodney.

But he’s to keep it on Destiny Island. The big finish is in ten minutes!