Ultrat and Rodney begin their brawl as they plummet down the volcano peak at the center of Destiny Island!

Rodney threw the first blow, but Ultrat answers back with a crushing punch of his own!

Using his flight to scrape Rodney down the side of the mountain Ultrat tells Rodney “You think everything’s a joke or a chance to look cool!”.

Stopping at the base of the mountain near the Kingdom section of Destiny Island, Ultrat blasts Rodney into a castle with his lightning breath.

Ultrat hefts a castle high above his head while Rodney still reels below from the electric shock.

Ultrat tells Rodney: “Showboating and clowning around are NOT what being a hero is about!”

Ultrat hurls the castle down on top of Rodney as it smashes to bits form the force of this throw.

Dornail arrives on the scene and at a distance sees the destruction via his binoculars.

It appears Rodney and Ultrat are fighting EACH OTHER.

Dornail was too late!