Dornail has just arrived at Destiny Island!

Unfortunately he got there too late and Rodney and Ultrat began fighting each other.

Mysteriously Dornail was actually closer to Destiny Island. There’s no way Rodney should’ve gotten there first unless…

Magicadabra helped!

Perhaps if Dornail had not been lost in thought he would’ve been more evasive for Pharobot’s attack, but instead it drills Dornail’s ship head on.

Dornail goes spiraling down in flames … almost out of control.

He manages to crash land on Destiny Island, but he is in Tomorrowopolis while Rodney and Ultrat are fighting above in the Fantastikingdom.

Dornail just knows there are Worsts lurking about….

No sooner does he think the thought than Lordess Gorge appears completely in the buff and wraps her legs around his head!

She orders him to have sex with her!!

Dornail can’t resist a whiff—The welcoming party was way more welcoming than he expected!

UP NEXT: Dornail …”versus” Lordess Gorge