Wertham goes on to explain that it was Magicadabra who helped enhance Ultrat’s strength (and powers!).

It seems when he was created the World Government was involved and they insisted there be a built in weakness as a failsafe if Ultrat went rogue–


They didn’t think that it could just as easily be used to increase his power.

Rodney angrily rejects this notion! And rejects the notion that there is ANY traitor.

Wertham asserts that everyone breaks (implying he broke Magicadabra down to gain her cooperation).

Even Rodney can be broken.

Wertham continues–Although Magicadabra helped she is not THE traitor. Rodney will find out who that is.

Rodney (ignoring all traitor talk) moves on to declare he suspected the world government was in league with Wertham!

It would seem they were for some time. The Ultranomaly Initiative was to be the era of Ultra Heroes.

Rather than wait for a fluke occurrence to create a hero, the program would generate ultra heroes to help save the world.

That was the plan (before Rodney, Dornail, and the Bests ruined it).

Wertham has erased his tarnished legacy and soon Rodney’s legacy will be gone too. Then the Ultra Hero age can begin anew.

Rodney takes this time to get a jab in at Ultrat, telling him he seems like less of a son and more a tool of revenge for Wertham.

Wertham insists he is wrong though.

He had to keep his ties to Ultrat a secret, but he still raised him and loved him as a son.

Instilling Ultrat with his beliefs so that his legacy would carry on.