Well it’s that sad situation where I never quit working, but you’ve just not been seeing it. I do HATE invisible work. But the good news is the book is ready and I’m just cruising around for POD sites that are friendly to the type of smut you find in the dojo. You’d be surprised what you CAN’T get away with. You’d best fucking believe I’ll be letting you know when BOOK 5 is ready! But let’s leave that be for now. THE FUTURE IS BOOK 6! THE FUTURE IS NOW!!

When last we left:

Rodney had revealed Wertham’s plan had one fatal flaw–To Rodney, Magicadabra never stopped being a Best.

Of course here he makes it official with a mighty arm lock!

Magicadabra has dreamt of this moment (albeit in slightly different context).

She still can’t shake her doubt… Rodney’s glossing over the fact that she IS a bad guy.

How could he want her back?

Rodney spells it out very clearly: She’s not done anything especially bad. Also he was always against her being kicked out of The Bests!

As Magicadabra’s magic grew more powerful, concern grew in the World Government.

They wanted her to be locked up in the Gallery.

Rodney was NOT down with this and told them they’d have to fight him if they wanted to mess with his friends.

To appease the world leaders, The Shelf, Speedy, and Dornail had Magicadabra kicked out.

A move which Rodney opposed to the very end.


P.S. That header is big.. I know it’s big. I’ll be shrinking it soon enough.. but I also kind of like it too. So for now it’ll be that way… but it’ll come down soon.