Wertham taps the top of his cane and the roof opens up to reveal the awaiting ULTRAT.

Rodney is not surprised nor is he amused.

Wertham boasts that this whole situation was over before it even started.

Wertham successfully predicted every move Rodney and Dornail would make.

His flawless planning accounted for every situation.

There is no scenario in which Rodney wins.

What’s more.. Wertham ominously states that Rodney has no idea what’s coming.

Rodney sounds kinda cool by attacking Wertham’s plans.. until he reveals he actually had no idea what he was saying.

Wertham has endured Rodney’s stupidity long enough and orders Ultrat to ‘show him this is no laughing matter’.

Ultrat replies “As you wish, Father.”