Rodney questioned Magicadabra’s knowledge on Sandwich that tastes the best in the world but kills you if you eat it—

That really made her sweat!

Rodney draws it out a bit more for fun, but he believes her.

Wertham won’t make Rodney distrust his friends!

No matter how complicated he tries to make things it’s still easy—WERTHAM MUST DIE!

Magicadabra pleads with Rodney that there’s still validity to the traitor amongst the Bests!

Rodney has the solution.

As part of his final orders he wants Magicadabra to teleport him to Destiny island immediately so that he gets there first.

If he kills Wertham he reasons whatever sway Wertham has over this traitor will no longer matter.

Additionally he orders Magicadabra to stay away from Destiny Island since she suspects she’s already been coerced into helping Wertham.

Magicadabra is shocked and dismayed..

Rodney alone on Destiny Island is the very out come Wertham would have very likely wanted to come from their encounter…

She tells Rodney that she has missed him very much and begs him to stay safe.

And with a sad goodbye she teleports him to Destiny Island.