Rodney scarcely has time to let the full gravity of his situation sink in before his tablet begins to buzz with an incoming call.

It’s Dornail and he has bad news.

He arrived at the location where Mr. Bastard was supposed to be… but all he found was a note attached to Mr. Bastard’s goggles.

It reads: Mr Bastard is the fuel burned by the eternal combustion engine.

Dornail doesn’t even know what that means!

But Rodney knows too well what it means.

He informs Dornail that it means he is responsible for launching Mr. Bastard into the sun.

What’s more–neither him nor Dornail have heard from Jinx so it’s a safe guess she’s gone as well.

Rodney rolls down the list of defeated Bests (informing Dornail that Boomer is also gone).

Dornail has a glint of good news. At least Speedy is safe. But…

Hero Sandwhich’s coordinates are gone.

And Wertham’s location has been revealed.