Magicadabra delivers her gift then restores Rodney’s jet sled to normal order. That’s it.

Rodney is amused and surprised! That’s really it!?

Magicadabra tells him it’s really not funny—He can’t trust ANYONE!

But Rodney laughs his ass off right in her face!!

Doing a happy dance Rodney proclaims that’s finally WON!

Magicadabra is confused by what exactly he’s won.

Rodney clarifies that if Wertham’s intent was to mess with his head by sending a former Best to tell him that he’ll soon be betrayed–Wertham has fucked up.

To Rodney at least, Magicadabra is STILL a Best!!

Being so close to Rodney’s smoochable mouth puts Magicadabra in a bit of a tizzy, but Rodney’s reaction soon kills the moment.


Well, as you noticed this week’s 3rd page sure fucking struggled to happen. Just about everything that could pop up seemingly did! I wanted to knock out 4 pages rapidly so I could have natural breaks to work on book 5, but I’ve lost so much time this week I’m afraid that I’m going to have to take next week to work on the book. The ‘book a year’ deadline is the 25th! Hopefully it won’t take that long. There’s not much work left to do. Still I lost a significant number of days and I think it’s wise for me to prioritize creating that print content. Don’t worry! It won’t take long! I’ll keep you posted as always!