Rodney is pretty annoyed. This is clearly an attempt to make him paranoid. He tries to wake up the Jet Sled but it’s still out cold.

Magicadabra makes her case:

Wertham was locked up in the gallery.. so who set him free? Who had access? Who could come and go to the Rad Pad?

Although she can’t see the identity of the traitor she’s positive it has to be a Best.

Magicadabra then tells Rodney that she already knows who he thinks uprooted the Rad Pad.

Rodney angrily responds Ultrat!!

But upon some thought he knows that despite the fact that Ultrat has been known to have views that put him on Wertham’s side–he’s no killer. None of this fits his image.

Magicadabra reminds Rodney that Wertham is a master at making people do things they don’t want to…

She then brings it all together—

Once Ultrat’s role is known, she’s positive the traitor will defend Ultrat thus revealing themselves!