Rodney has just received the crushing news that the Bests are essentially finished. Wertham’s location has been revealed!!

And it’s a familiar one for the boys (though it should not exist)—


When they last fought Wertham they sunk Destiny Island in the sea. But it appears it is back.

It is the largest Wertham World. A floating man made island and a mobile fortress.

Dornail checks if Rodney has transportation and while he doesn’t he does have a fixit widget of Speedy Godiva’s working on repairing his Jet Sled.

Dornail informs Rodney about Wertham’s mysterious new memory erasing ability. A development that has prevented Speedy from getting them any help.

It appears they will have to go after Wertham alone.

Which is fine by Rodney!!! He’s hot for revenge!!

Dornail urges him to wait as he’s sure this is all according to Wertham’s designs. There are too many unknowns. And what’s more Magicadabra may be in the mix.

Dornail wants to meet up THEN go after Wertham.

Rodney pretends he is unable to hear Dornail and ends the call.