WHOO! Sorry for the wait! The B-project was meant to eat up only a week, but ye olde day job reared it’s ugly head and filled up that same week with enough bull shit to where I had to essentially take time to get the B-project where it was meant to be originally. Well here’s the good news—-

NO MORE BREAKS TILL BOOK 5 IS FINISHED! NOT EVEN BETWEEN ISSUES! So cheers for my patient and lovely readers. You are the greatest and it’s all A-PROJECT (the Dojo) from here till the end o’ this book!!

So where were we!? Ah yeah!

Boomer had just scored a lucky shot on Boss Claw when the legendary Doomerang (thrown years before!) finally came back and poked right through Boss Claw’s chest!

Boomeranger is taking this moment to unleash the ultimate boomerang attack!!

With the blistering speed of his sonic boomerang attack he launches himself explosively forward towards Boss Claw (who is removing the Doomerang)!

He leaps up and grabs Boss Claw by the head and in a dizzying twist launches him skyward using the Typhoonerang!

Boomer then propels himself off of Boss Claw to launch the ultimate attack!!!

Rodney and Pharobot look on in awe! It’s an omin-directional assault! Boomer has made Boss Claw the origin point of the throw so he continually returns to slice up Claw from every angle! There’s no escape!

Rodney realizes his friend has accomplished a major feat! He finally mastered the forbidden move–THE MURDERANG!!