From the rubble Boomeranger rises calling out to Boss Claw.

In his clenched fist he grips the kerchief he’s valued since he was a baby (a gift from his biological parents) before tearing it off.

Boomeranger barks with authority and rage: Take your goddamn hands off my mom and dad!

Before Boss Claw can even react Boomer explodes up to his face…

and unleashes the forbidden move—Murderang once again.

Boomer’s captive parents break free of Boss Claw’s grip!

A horrified Rodney realizes Boomer has just thrown away another decade of his life and ORDERS him to STOP using the Murderang!!

(All the while mounting an assault on the Eternal Combustion Engine itself!)

Feeling the pressure mounting Pharobot also issues a command for Boss Claw to hurry up and finish off Boomeranger!