Having witness Boomer collapse Rodney had to quickly take his opening to crush Pharobot before he could retrieve his engine that grants him unlimited power. A quick punch to the sun disposed of both him and Boss Claw’s corpse… however…

Rodney immediately realizes in his haste he has fucked up!!

He looks over a list he has of people you NEVER punch to the sun and Pharobot is definitely on there!

Pharobot detaches his head from his body and rockets toward the sun—an exceptional source of power.

Using his ‘pharobite’, Pharobot consumes the entire sun!!

At last he is where he has long thought he should be-The center of the solar system as it’s new king god.

And it’s clear he won’t be benevolent. You will love him or he’ll give you cancer!!

Pharobot declares his new reign and new name–RA BOT!

High in the sky Rodney see’s the new sun god laughing and he just knows…

That ain’t good.