Boomer’s mom tells him to stop crying!! (He does seem to cry quite a bit)

Unless of course it’s tears of joy.

Boomer tells his parents he loves them both and thanks them for everything.

He hurls them both home so they can seek the care they need (while in his mind wishing them goodbye).

The obliterated Boss Claw behind him, Boomer falls to his knees and begins to cry tears of joy–

He saved his mom and dad!

His fist unclenches and he collapses.

Rodney witnesses this and calls out to Boomer.

At the same time he finally makes major headway in his fight against Pharobot!

To Pharobot’s horror the fight went on so long, and the eternal combustion engine got so hot, that his mounting unit MELTED!!

Alone and without his unlimited energy Pharobot must face Rodney’s fury.