Boomer’s remorse grows. How could he give up the family he has for the family he lost?

He was only a baby, so he doesn’t even remember his birth parent’s faces…

Rodney gets pissed at this notion!!

As a Best, Boomer is family to Rodney! So he considers himself capable of the statement that no matter what Boomer’s boomarents will always love him!

Boomer’s mood lightens. It’s a very Rodney way to be to assume things will work out.

Rodney jokes that Boomer’s parents have to come back around.. they’re boomerangs.

BUT THIS LEVITY IS ENDED ABRUPTLY! Pharobot unleashes a full power sucker punch sending Rodney plowing through the pavement!!

Rodney gets up and plucks the mini pyramid from Pharobot’s fist out of his wound and teeth.

He can’t help but comment on just how extremely HOT it has suddenly become!

The heat is emanating from the eternal combustion engine! Pharobot has to burn his infinite fuel at max capacity, but if he does he has physical strength equal to that of even Ultrat!

That power combined with flight makes Pharobot a terrifying opponent (even without the rest of Ultrat’s ultrabilities).