Boomer touches down with his Parents in hand and takes a moment to look them over.

Boomer’s mom is worried about him, but he assures her he’s fine. He claims to have mastered the murderanger.

Boomer’s father is in much worse shape though.

Boomer tells his folks he needs to throw them home (and they have to promise not to come back!).

Everything’s going to be ok though. Rodney’s there!

He makes his mom promise to take his father to see Boomer’s adopted brother in the hospital. His brother is a doctor.

Boomer regrets not studying to become a doctor as well. He simply couldn’t let go of his anger and it nearly ate his whole life away.

Luckily his parents saved him from that (as they have saved him his entire life).

Boomer lets them know they actually inspired him to be a hero.

It hasn’t turned out so great though.. Boomer apologizes for being a failure and a disappointment.

Boomer’s mom let’s him know he is wrong!

He has never disappointed them. Only made them proud.

They never stopped loving him.

UP NEXT: Goodbye Mom and Dad