DOJO FANS! BOOK 5… FINISHED? Well.. Maybe! I’m seriously thinking so. Here’s the rub. The WHOLE point of doing Super Raven’s Dojo was to make it easier on me to get the comic out to you while also making it easier on YOU to buy it. Previously I had stated that I wanted to do 5 or 6 issue collections.. but after you toss in all the extras and shit, it’s not long before that black and white book would cost you fine folks about the same as a color book. Which.. shouldn’t be the case. You should be paying less. In my mind I was hoping that books would clock in at around a fast food combo (or a bit over). Think 10-ish bucks. Sniffing around POD sites I found that if I do 4 issues per book it’ll fall in that $10ish sweet spot. This puts the books at 128 pages of comics, 8 pages of covers, and however many pinups I can afford to commission. I believe that’s a decent value.
The initial availability will be POD site printed (site to be determined but it’s looking highly likely to be Kablaam–all my bros love them). This is profitable for me and affordable for you. No kickstarter will be required which means I can also generate books with less hassle. That’s not to say I won’t EVER do an offset printed book again. I very very likely will. In fact for convention attendance it’s going to be pretty much essential. For Raven’s Dojo books 2-4 it’s essentail. But without going into it too much, my broke ass isn’t quite road ready yet. So for now POD works just fine. For Super Raven’s Dojo POD works just fine.
As a final addition to this thought process this actually puts me able to EASILY accomplish my book a year goal. In fact… if I think of it as each book being 4 issues long then not only am I done with book 5, but I’m half way done with book 6. SURPRISE!
Anyway that’s the full break down of my thinking for now. Still mulling it over, but more or less I think it’s the way to go.
I had mentioned I wasn’t taking breaks until book 5 was done.. I’m still not going to take any breaks for a while. A project is the sole focus for a few months again.
Much love and see ya around the dojo! <3
 TL:DR–Book 5 is probably done. Will probably be POD. Will probably be 4 issues long. Future books will likely follow this format.