Dornail is completely in shock that Speedy Godiva seems not only incapable of remembering Dr. Walter Wertham.. but also, when presented with his face, is incapable of seeing it (instead interpreting it as Modern Art—which she hates).

When he has a stunning realization—

Is this phenomenon responsible for THE ENTIRE PLANET being silent regarding Wertham’s assault on the Bests?

Has Wertham found a way to not only make the entire planet forget him—but to make them incapable of even SEEING him!?

Is that even possible?

Speedy thinks that it is not.

No technology of any kind is so sophisticated.

Nor could Magicadabara have casted a spell so powerful.

It is impossible.

Dornail tells Speedy that for Wertham nothing is impossible. And underestimating him is the same as forfeiting your life.

Dornail asks if Speedy is able to fight, but she is not.

Her current limbs are purely for emergency use. And Iteration 88 is why she doesn’t have spare mechappendages.

To repair her limbs to combat level will take a full week. Time Dornail doesn’t have.

Dornail has to hurry… but he can not leave before he makes Speedy remember.