Dornail gets down to business!!

Dornail quickly catches Ultrat up on the situation. Wertham and the Worsts have already taken out the Shelf and side lined Paige and Speedy.

Rodney and Dornail will get Boomer and Bastard, but they need Ultrat to get Hero Sandwhich!!

Ultrat has a problem buying this though! He’s a news Maus after all and he hasn’t heard one peep about this anywhere.

In fact it’s the slowest news day in years!!

But what he really wants to know is—WHO IS WALTER WERTHAM?

This is music to Dornail’s fins.

Ultrat and Wertham were drifting apart anyway (before Wertham was put in the gallery), but with Wertham gone from Ultrat’s memory it should be even easier to recruit him to the Bests–A move Dornail thinks Wertham will never predict!

Dornail quickly moves the subject back to the task at hand–There’s no time!

Rodney and Dornail DON’T deal well with flying types. Whoever goes after Hero Sandwhich WILL be able to fly! THEY NEED ULTRAT!!

Ultrat still has reservations considering him and Rodney’s relationship.

Dornail reminds him that he used to be Rodney’s arch nemesis and now they are best friends–Rodney and Ultrat WILL work it out.

Differences aside, Dornail knows Ultrat is a good guy. And not just a good guy…

Ultrat’s one of the Bests!

Dornail knows he’ll do the right thing…