Of course even Wertham couldn’t have predicted Rodney would defeat Ultrat! And in an even MORE shocking twist the world was suddenly captivated by Rodney and Dornail!

They were more well known for being the two heroes listed as ‘the WORST heroes of all time’ in Wertham’s Corruption of the Innocent…

Now not only was there a new hero that could rival Ultrat in power, but people really responded well to the boys!

Further damaging Wertham’s plans—The ‘code’ was revealed to be a bit of a scam!

It was more about greed than good it seems. It was loaded with strangely specific rules that targeted heroes that were popular yet morally gray.

Disgraced, the bulk of the Ultranomalies gave up!!

Leaving only Ultrat active…

Wertham’s plans were thwarted. He grew obsessed with defeating Rodney and Dornail (and the Bests).

He vowed he would rid the world of their ‘evil’ if it took him till his dying day.

And then he died.

And that’s when he REALLY started being a mother fucker!