We join Rodney in his attempt to save Boomeranger and—it’s not going too well!

His jet sled is destroyed! He’s ground bound! And high above is PHAROBOT!

This member of the Worsts is a flyer and Rodney is trying really hard to convince him to come down and fight–Pharobot’s not taking the bait!

The King of E-gypt knows that he shouldn’t go toe to toe with Rodney.

Even WITH his brand new Eternal Combustion Engine which grants him unlimited power (built for him by Wertham’s Artchitects!).

Pharobot swoops down and sucks in 2 victims with his SCARFOPHOGUS!

He spits their mummified remains down on an annoyed Rodney as he flies by!

UP NEXT: Boomer needs Rodney!