As Dornail left Speedy’s lab he told her he was going to use a secret weapon NO ONE (not even Wertham) would see coming!

High in the sky upon his new ride he got from Speedy Godiva, Dornail pulls the trigger on his secret weapon!!!


But has Dornail dialed the wrong number?

The timid voice on the other end is that of mild mannered news maus, Squeek Squint.

Dornail is pretty annoyed and calls Ultrat out on the dumbness of his alter ego.

Ultra-ER Squeek is interrupted by his co-worker Lamika and deflects her question by telling her it’s just a sales call.

Dornail recognizes that it is Lamika Lamar and asks Ultrat if he’s ‘juiced her kaboose’ yet.

This angers Ultrat who breaks character to put him in his place.

Dornail has accomplished what he wanted and is ready to talk business!

The Bests need help! The Bests need Ultrat!!

UP NEXT: This looks like a job for Ultrat!